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Comprehensive containment begins before the process, takes all environmental factors into account and, above all, is coherent. Let us advise you.


The best filter system for your application But we also provide you with competent support beyond the limits of our systems, from planning to acceptance;
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Do you need support with installation and commissioning or a maintenance contract? No problem
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We offer you user training tailored to your system which, in addition to everyday operation, also covers simple maintenance work and how to deal with emergencies, giving you even more security for your operation;
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Our young and dynamic team focuses on your application and works with you to create your ideal dust extraction solution quickly and flexibly; Your advantage here is obvious: you want a dust extractor that provides you with the signals you want in your Want to display HMI? You want a dust extractor that fits perfectly with your systems? And of course you want a dust extractor that meets your requirements and is neither oversized nor undersized? All this and much more is possible in a joint development project. We are also happy to offer you several types of system to suit your portfolio.

You know your Application and we are our

You can rely on our expertise to ensure that all aspects such as ergonomics, GMP-compliant design and, above all, safety (user protection and product protection go hand in hand with us) are fully taken into account; Here we focus on the topics of clean air values, containment and explosion protection; Our aim is to give you a good feeling through security and at the same time to make the integration and handling of the system as easy as possible. We not only take into account German standards, but also international standards such as the American explosion protection regulation NFPA 69 on.


As Filteranlagenhersteller our Competencies over a variety of complex Fields of knowledge.

In addition to manufacturing know-how and process engineering fundamentals, we have knowledge of filtration, ergonomics, explosion protection, control technology, fluid mechanics, containment and much more; For this reason, we have compiled some basics from the most important topics on our site; Of course, we can only provide an overview of these topics online; However, we are happy to advise you in detail and offer training on these topics;
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